MeRes100™ - World’s First 100 Micron BRS

Why MeRes100™ Bioresorbable Scaffold?

The field of interventional cardiology has evolved significantly since the first percutaneous coronary angioplasty was performed 40 years ago. This evolution began with a balloon catheter and has progressed into bare-metal stents (BMS), Drug-eluting stents (DES) and culminates with the advent of Bioresorbable stents.

Diagram shown below represents evolution of Percutaneous Coronary Intervention (PCI)

MeRes100™ Degradation Cascade

MeRes100™ - Next Generation Bioresorbable Scaffold
Simply Sublime, For Better Future

Proven Safety & Efficacy

Thin yet Robust

Absorb is a product of Abbott Laboratories, Resolute Integrity is a product of Medtronic, DESolve and DESolve CX is a product of Elixir Medical, ReZolve and Fantom is a product of REVA Medical, Magmaris is a product of Biotronik AG

MeRes100™ is a next generation bioresorbable technology with low strut thickness of 100μm, leading to lower crossing profile for ease of delivery and early endothelialization

DES like strut thickness and radial strength is ensured by :
– Unique manufacturing process of scaffold
– Novel hybrid design of scaffold
– Strut width variability of scaffold

Evidence of Golden Tube

  • Fully patent vessel and scaffolded segment

  • Positive remodelling of the lesion site 

  • Completely endothelialized struts

  • No malapposition

  • No strut fracture despite dilatation with 5.00 mm 

  • Strong evidence of early degradation of struts

Phases of Healing with MeRes100™ *

Post scaffold placement body undergoes healing in the following manner

*Individual treatment decision is made by practicing healthcare professional. Each patient is

different hence treatment outcomes may differ.

Phases of Healing with MeRes100™ *